Your cat is no longer answering your calls? Your cat has been stolen? Your cat has been scared and ran away? Have you moved and your cat cannot find its way home?

Use the tools developed by PetAlert ###country+E1346### to do your research and increase your chances of finding your cat quickly.

In a few clicks, broadcast a Disappearance Alert on our various official platforms and on social networks, at regional and national level.

The publication of a Disappearance Alert is a paid service, from 12.90 EUR .


Immediate publication

  • Publication on PetAlert
  • Publication on Lost cat
  • Publication on Facebook
  • Publication on Twitter
  • Publicatie op Instagram
  • Published on Pinterest
  • Poster printing
  • Pack Easy365 (1 year) included
  • Online support

New Disappearance Alert

PetAlert broadcasts your lost cat review
Quick distribution on partner sites and social networks

Your Disappearance Alert is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and partner sites

Effective and responsive support

You benefit from personalized assistance of quality and reactive. Our team answers all your questions.

Secure interface and data protection

PetAlert France pays particular attention to your personal data. All procedures are secure.

Discovery alert
Have you seen a cat? Have you picked up a cat? Quickly inform as many people as possible!
Disappearance alert
Is your cat missing? Has your cat been stolen? Write a lost cat ad. We help you find it quickly.
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